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LoRaWAN gateways connected to The Things Network are used to provide a free and open data network for IoT devices.

Benefits of LoRaWAN include a range of up to 15km line-of-sight, while consuming very little power.

LoRaWAN is a narrowband system, suited to sending and receiving small amounts of data — such as sensor readings — and cannot be used for web browsing etc.


Wainhouse Tower LoRaWAN Gateway install view.jpg

View from the gateway install site at the top of Wainhouse Tower, Halifax.

Things Calderdale LoRaWAN Gateways
Location ID Gateway H/W Gateway F/W Antenna Live Notes Owner
Wainhouse Tower, Halifax* eui-00800000a0000eaf MTCDT-LEU1-210A AEP v1.4.3 Laird 3dBi 19/07/17 Utilises a UPS AB Open
Hebble End Works, Hebden Bridge eui-00800000a00009a9 MTCDT-H5-210A AEP v1.4.3 Taoglas OMB ??/??/16 AB Open
Heptonstall eui-008000000000c4c8 MTCDT-H5-210A AEP v1.4.3 3dBi indoor ??/??/17 Temporary location AB Open
Tenterfields Business Park, Luddendenfoot eui-00800000a00009a7 MTCDT-H5-210A AEP v1.4.3 Taoglas OMB ??/??/16 AB Open
Mixenden eui-b827ebfffe80853b Raspberry Pi + iC880A TTN poly packet forwarder Taoglas OMB ??/??/17 Paul

* With thanks to IoTUK for providing the gateway installed at Wainhouse Tower as part of the IoTUK Boost programme.