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|FN Sensor water level
|FN sensor water level
|[[Flood Network]]
|[[Flood Network]]

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An MQTT broker is available at mqtt.thingscalderdale.com.


Anonymous R/O (subscribe) access is provided to topics with the prefix public/.

SSL example

$ mosquitto_sub -h mqtt.thingscalderdale.com -p 8883 --capath /etc/ssl/certs/ -t public/environment/waterlevel

Plain text example

$ mosquitto_sub -h mqtt.thingscalderdale.com -t public/environment/waterlevel


Details TBC.


MQTT Topics
Topic Description Data type Source Owner Licence Notes
public/environment/temperature FN sensor temperature JSON/Float Flood Network AB Open CC BY-SA 4.0
public/environment/waterlevel FN sensor water level JSON/Float Flood Network AB Open CC BY-SA 4.0

Data store

Details TBC.